Who chased? Chris

Nothing like June in the Northern Plains. SPC issued a moderate risk with a 15% hatched risk for tornadoes, mainly in southeast Wyoming, an area consistently prone to tornadoes nearly every summer. A good chase day was ahead.

Chris, chasing solo, raced up I-25 from Denver towards Cheyenne. After running into the Extreme Tornado Tours tour group, we all decided to backtrack into Weld County, Colorado where storms were initiating. This was the far southern edge of SPC’s risk area.

After making his way to Grover, Colorado, Chris positioned himself in the inflow of a developing supercell, enduring winds of 80+ mph. A tornado warning went up, and the positioning was perfect.

Shortly after, a tornado would develop in far northern Weld County, very close to the Wyoming border. Chris caught it on video when it first touched down, and followed it into Wyoming, towards the small Laramie County town of Carpenter.

This came to be known as the “Carpenter tornado,” due to its proximity to the tiny town at peak strength. See video below.

Sharp eyes will also notice a tornado in Nebraska near the end of the video. Chris actually witnessed two in Nebraska that day, but a blocked road near Carpenter caused a lot of doubling back and kept him from getting better positioned. Nevertheless, two tornadoes witnessed in Nebraska made for the first time in Chris’s chasing career to witness tornadoes in three states on the same day.