April 14 has been good to us in the past (2012 high risk), but it was especially good this year to a handful of intrepid storm chasers. We were unfortunately not able to chase this particular setup, and honestly might have chosen not to chase had we been available. As can be seen in the graphic below, SPC issued a huge area of 2% tornado risk from Nebraska to the Mexican border, denoting that a tornado is possible but highly unlikely. Undaunted, particularly motivated storm chasers made their way out to west Texas with their hopes mainly on structure and hail.

These storm chasers were treated to a show of multiple tornadoes, one of which was classified as a wedge. Below are some pictures from these chasers on this insane and unprecedented day.

Paige Burress – used with permission


Wesley Luginbyhl – used with permission


Stas Speransky – used with permission