Great chase day on Thursday the 16th! Chris and Rachel departed for the Texas Panhandle early in the day. In McLean, Texas, we headed for Pampa, where severe storms were already in progress to the west of town. We dropped south on State Highway 70 and witnessed our first tornado of the day, which Al Roker is describing on the Today Show in the photo above. Check out the full video below!

After spending some time in Wheeler, Texas, watching a tornado-warned cell that thankfully did not produce a tornado and affect that small town, we headed back east on Interstate 40 and were able to intercept a small tornado-warned cell between Erick and Sayre in far western Oklahoma. We exited and took old Route 66 east, and we were lucky enough to witness a small tornado cross the highway not far in front of us, doing damage only to a power line (as can be seen clearly in the footage). A very spectacular end to a great chase!